per-oral gastro-intestinal nasal pulmonal buccal sublingual

Trans-mucosal drug delivery

The Task:

Your drug needs stabilisation against degradation and digestion.

Your drug needs a protected and controlled transport from the site of administration to the site of systemic uptake.

Your drug needs a penetration enhancer at the epithelium.

The side effects of the penetration enhancer have to be minimized.

Your drug and the penetration enhancer exhibit highly different physico-chemical properties.

The Concept:

Drug protection against degradation and digestion by encapsulation in highly stable A-fect™ liposomes.

Co-encapsulation of the penetration enhancer with your drug in A-fect™ liposomes.

The penetration enhancer is co-localized with your drug without chemical bonding.

Minimised total dose of the penetration enhancer

Modified release profile by means of A-fect™-tetraether lipids


The Realisation:

A new generation of stable liposomes – Bernina's A-fectTM - provides the controlled delivery from the site of administration to the site of systemic uptake

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